5 Ways To Support Someone With Dementia

With our ageing population and various other factors, dementia is affecting more and more people every year. Millions across the world are living with the disease and its effects, which can also really take an emotional toll on those tasked with caring for a loved one. World Alzheimer’s Day was set up to raise awareness of Alzheimer’s, which results in the vast majority of cases of dementia.

Although many sufferers and their families may find it painful the openly discusses the symptoms and the wider effects of the disease, shared experiences can help everyone to better understand and manage these. Here are just a few tips you may find helpful should you find yourself in the position of looking after a dementia sufferer.


venice-1603272_640Making journeys can be one of the most stressful things for people with dementia, as it’s easy to lose awareness of where they are or where they’re going. If they can’t remember who they’re travelling with, this can be a scary experience. It’s important to make your journey as simple and familiar as possible.

Memory boxes

Try collecting items that your loved one has a strong personal connection with, such as old photographs, ornaments and other possessions that really remind them of their fondest memories. For people suffering with dementia, it’s common for long term memories  to last the longest even when short term memory starts to deteriorate, so it can be very reassuring for people to spend time looking through a box of all their most precious memories. Continue reading5 Ways To Support Someone With Dementia

New NHS Digital Healthcare Academy In The Works

As part of some major changes being brought into the National Health Service this year, the government has begun working on a new virtual learning facility which is aimed at expediting the process of recruiting highly trained healthcare staff. The new system is also intended to help modernise the NHS, which has been identified in an independent review as a matter of urgency.

Under the newly announced plans, up to £10 million will be spent on securing the support of 12 trusts. These organisations (expected to consist of UK universities) will be tasked with spearheading the initiative and providing the necessary infrastructure and knowledge for the new digital academy to work. These trusts will also be encouraged to network with other organisations in order to expand their knowledge bases even further and offer higher standards of training. The idea is that being involved with the new programme will be mutually beneficial for the institutions given the role of trusts and the virtual academy itself.

Later stages of the plans are less crystal clear, but another wave of 20 trusts will be brought in to further develop the system in exchange for up the £5 million in funding per trust. These financial incentives should, according to the government’s plans, lead to the development of a high-tech online facility for healthcare professionals to have easier access to better training in future. Continue readingNew NHS Digital Healthcare Academy In The Works