How to reduce anxiety


Anxiety can occur anytime in your lifetime. You may start to feel anxious in different situations or you may have an anxiety disorder. If you’re feeling this way, there are many remedies that you can follow to help reduce your anxiety.



Exercise is proven to fight off anxiety and depression. Exercise may seem difficult at the start; however, the more you exercise, the more you’ll see the positive effects it can have on your mental health. One of the major reasons why human may have anxiety is due to worrying about health. However, when you exercise, you’ll feel a lot healthier, and fitter and you’re less likely to get anxious about your health.

Omega 3

Did you know, omega 3 can help lessen your anxiety? Omega 3 can be found in oily fishes such as salmon. However, you can also purchase omega 3 on tablets.

green tea

Green tea

Green tea contains an amino acid called the L-theanine, which is known to reduce anxiety. Green tea can also help you feel calmer and more relax, which helps with anxiety.


Our diet plays a significant role in our anxiety. It’s important to eat a healthy balanced diet filled with whole foods, vegetable, meat, fish, fruits and leafy greens. When choosing your food, stick with whole food and look for phytonutrients as it is known to help reduce anxiety.


Hunger and starvation make people more anxious and irritated. If you notice yourself getting hungry, try and eat something small. Low sugar is also one of the reasons why some people may have an anxiety attack. To balance your sugar levels, have a healthy snack like a fruit or a bag of nuts.



For people who worry or feels anxious, going through a meditation therapy can help lessen anxiety. Meditation is about practising awareness and mindfulness. The method helps free up our mind from worries.