Eye Health Care Tips

eye care

Our lifestyle can affect our eyes, and it’s important that we take care of them. Especially in this digital age where we are now constantly looking at screens which can affect our eyes in the long run. There are simple steps that you can apply right now to maintain a healthy eye. Some of them include the following.

eye check

Eye check

We often forget that our eyes are just as important as our overall health. Visiting an ophthalmologist for an eye check every year will help you keep track of the state of your vision. They will be able to check your eyes and advise if you need eyeglasses or update your glasses prescription. Wearing a wrong prescription can highly damage your vision and cause headaches which you want to avoid.



The vitamins A, C, E, zinc and folic acid is known to have a positive effect on our eyesight. Try to incorporate these vitamins to your diet as well.


We should take a break from the screen more often to prevent eye dryness. It’s been found that looking at a screen for too long reduces our eye blinking, therefore, leads to dryness.


Many researchers found that there isn’t actually a particular food that can specifically improve our eye sight. But it’s been proven that ageing can cause a blurry eyesight. Ageing can cause our eyes to develop eye diseases such as cataracts which can affect our eye sight. Antioxidants are great for anti-ageing so incorporating them into our diet would be essential.

Wear sunglasses

When the sun is out, it’s vital that we wear eye protection to protect our eyes from the UV rays. The UV rays can damage our eyes if not protected. For other people who work online, it’s important that you wear eyeglasses that are specially made for looking at computers as they can help with your vision.

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