Healthy Heart Tips

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Having a healthy heart is vital to our health, and it’s important that we take steps to improve this part of our body to prevent and reduce the risk of a heart attack. You’re already probably aware that eating healthy is one of the main habits that you should apply for a healthy heart. Let’s take a look at the other steps you could take to have a healthier heart in the long run.

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Tip 1 – Get Active

If you’re not normally an active person, taking small steps to getting active will make a difference. Even going for a 30-minute walk or doing a 15-minute jog will help. You could always take up other sports fitness that you enjoy the most.


Tip 2 – Nuts

Incorporate some nut ingredients to your diet as nuts are known for improving cholesterol levels which will help to balance and maintain your blood pressure.

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Tip 3 –  Tomato Sauce

Did you know that tomato sauce is packed with potassium that helps with your blood levels. According to research, ten tablespoons of tomato once a week can improve your blood pressure.

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Tip 4 – Blood Pressure

Find out your level of blood pressure and keep an eye on them regularly. You can purchase a pressure monitor to help you keep track of your blood level. An average blood level is around 115/75 so make sure your level is within these numbers. If you find that your level is higher than normal, you should take the steps to lowering them by decreasing your sugar intake, getting active or decreasing saturated fat in your diet.

Tip 5 – Fruits and Vegetables

Maintaining your five a day with fresh fruit and vegetables is essential for a healthy diet. Ideally, you should choose fresh produce and wash them before eating.

Tip 6 – Saturated Fat

Saturated fat can cause inflammation in your arteries. Ensure that you stick with the daily 20 grams of saturated fat and reduce them when you can.

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