Personal Training vs. Boot Camp – Which Is The Best Option?

Personal Training vs Bootcamp

Choosing a strategy and committing to it can sometimes be one of the hardest parts when you’re trying to get fitter. A common dilemma is choosing between sessions with a one-to-one personal trainer or taking an intensive course with a group of other people. There are advantages to each option, as well as a couple of drawbacks to consider. We spoke to the experts at Be Your Best Personal Training, one of the top fitness training providers in Cardiff, who have worked as personal trainers for Team GB, and compiled this list of tips to help you decide.

Why choose personal training?

If you’re new to the world of fitness, a one-to-one session will usually be a lot better than a group one. This will help you start at a sensible pace, instead of getting injured or overworking yourself before giving up.

If you have an existing health condition that impairs your working out, you should also opt for this method at first so you can get specially tailored help and guidance. An injury or disability can affect the exercises you can do safely, so you will benefit from expert help.

If you’re nervous about working out with other people and you feel intimidated by the prospect of a group session, you may be much more comfortable working with a trainer on your own.

If you have a hectic work and social life, it might be very difficult for you to keep up the commitment of a regular group session at a given time and place every week, let alone an extended visit to a boot camp. A personal fitness trainer will offer much more flexibility around your schedule.

Why choose boot camp?

If you’re struggling to stay motivated, sometimes being in a group can really help. You might prefer the atmosphere of being surrounded by like-minded people who can all help each other stay driven and focused. This gives you a good reason to show up regularly, plus the competition can motivate many people to do even better.

If you also want to share tips about healthy eating and other aspects of your lifestyle, attending a boot camp or group session is the ideal forum to do so. You’ll gain a lot more than just a fitness programme but talking to like-minded people.

If you want to get a more varied workout and try different sports or activities, you have a lot more options if you’re in a larger group. Turning it into a game will make you forget you’re even exercising at all, while personal training may feel too serious for you.

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