Why yogurt is good for you


A yoghurt is proven to be good for our health. First of all, yoghurt is filled with various nutrients that are good for our body. By eating a yoghurt a day, we can also lessen the risk of osteoporosis and heart disease.

Contains protein

Having our daily protein is essential for our health. Yoghurt can help you fulfil your daily protein intake. Protein provides us with the energy we need for our day to day life. You can also opt in for Greek yoghurt as they usually have a higher protein count than a regular yoghurt.

Packed with nutrients

Yoghurt is filled with various nutrients that our body needs to function correctly. For example, yoghurt is filled with nutrients like calcium and vitamin B12. Calcium is necessary for healthy and stronger bones. The vitamin B12 helps fights off diseases. Furthermore, a yoghurt also provides you with your daily intake of magnesium, potassium and phosphorus.

heart health

Good for your heart

Yoghurt can also help reduce high blood pressure. It’s also made of milk products that contain saturated fat. A recent study shows that saturated fat can also balance and increase the level of good cholesterol which leads to a healthier heart.

Healthier weight control

Did you know that yoghurt helps with reducing your appetite as it contains both proteins and calcium. When your appetite is reduced, you are less likely to overeat and maintain your weight.

Probiotics ingredient

Most yoghurt will contain probiotics which help strengthens the immune system. A stronger immune system will help you fight off illnesses in the future. The probiotics are also made of 100% good bacteria that helps you protect against constipation.

Overall eating a yoghurt a day can help you fill up the nutrients that you need daily to maintain a healthy and balanced diet.