What’s Involved in a First Aid Training Course?

first aid course

In the event of an accident at home or at work, would you know what to do?

In the UK it is a legal requirement for every employer to make adequate and appropriate first aid provision for their workforce which may include supplies, training and procedures. Additionally, first aid training is a valuable asset for any individual who wishes to be equipped to deal with minor and major incidents that could occur in their everyday lives. There are many providers of certified first aid courses in the Midlands including St John Ambulance and Just Training in Leicester; each offering a variety of courses at different levels to provide this vital training and more.

Courses for Every First Aid Need

The first aid courses available are tailored towards specific needs, be that of the workplace, schools or for members of the public. Under the Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981 and guidance documents L74 and GEIS this is a legal requirement for workplaces and therefore a priority for both new and existing organisations of all sizes.

General first aid at work courses which cover the essentials of first aid are available on a 3 or 1 day course, depending on the size of the organisation and the level of risk to employees. Instructors explain the role of a first aider and how to manage an emergency as well as how to deal with minor and serious injuries such as bleeding, burns and resuscitation. No prior first aid knowledge is necessary and the course is appropriate for any level of first aider. If more specific training needs are identified, these can also be provided, such as paediatric first aid, defibrillator and CPR training, and anaphylaxis first aid. If your group or organisation have a special training need which is not covered by any of the existing courses, bespoke training can also be arranged.

Training can take place at one of the course venues, or on-site for groups. To ensure enough one-to-one attention during the sessions, there is usually a maximum delegate to trainer ratio applied. All courses provide successful candidates with certification with some options for refresher courses once the validity expires. For core first aid courses a delegate training pack is provided, including a reference guide and first aid supplies.

Ongoing Support

In addition to the training material, anyone who successfully completes one of the courses will have access to ongoing support. This includes notification of any protocol changes, further training opportunities and tips and advice to complement their qualification. On the St John website there are also free resources to help workplaces manage their first aid requirement, such as a requirement calculator, checklists and planners.

First aid training courses cover essential skills for work and everyday life. General first aid courses can be complemented with specific courses or bespoke training. The training is supplemented by ongoing support to ensure delegates are up to date for the duration of their qualification and help them to apply their knowledge effectively.

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